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Valuable Lesson about Networks.

I hadn't realized the profound value of the amazing network I had in Montreal – until I needed to build a network in Toronto. Finally in 2016 is when I started to connect with other Toronto-based professionals outside my industry. I quickly started to realize the potential this city has for building a brand, connecting with strong and determined experts while learning from some very experienced and supportive individuals. People who simply asked, "how can I help?”.

Why am I telling you this now?

Recently, I attended an event whereby I ran into some peers I would have never expected to see there. Peers I met over the last year networking for my passion, helping people get farther in their lives. Connecting with leading individuals who are believing in me while I am contributing to their projects and passions. I am amazed at how in just a few years, this big city can feel small and familiar.


It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind into action.


Toronto Skyline

You can learn from anyone famous, but why not take stock of the people around you and in your community. You'll be surprised at the EQ you'll find.

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How do you build your network? Find out more in my upcoming blogs about my insights on expert networking skills and watch your network grow by leaps and bounds.


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