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Career Coaching

Invest in your career today. Reach your dream job. Expand your career reach.

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Get your career moving in the right direction.

Follow up on your plan.

Keep yourself accountable.

When you’re feeling stuck in your job, where do you go to find help? Career coaching allows you to share your concerns about areas of your company, role or career development plan in a safe environment that will return immediate guidelines for a successful transition to a more positive you.

In person or video conference one-on-one coaching for professionals. Tailored strategy and guidelines to propel your career.
Coaching Session ($195 +tax)
1 Std.
Student Coaching Rate ($145+tax)
1 Std.

Find out the invisible barriers to your next career success. Your personalized EQi Report will help you identify the changes you need to make.

EQ-i 2.0 - Emotional Intelligence assessment and report. Analysis and 1 hour coaching session included. Choose between the “Workplace”, “Leader”, “360” report to find ou...
EQ Report Package ($495+tx)
1 Std.

The top three reasons people seek career coaching:


  1. Relationships are hard, even work-related ones.

A frequent topic among my clients is how do I improve my relationship with my boss. How do I work better in teams? Coaching provides an overview of the difficult relationships and integrates emotional intelligence assessment to highlight areas that can improve your communication style and approach.


   2. Pivot your career, work towards the role or industry of your dreams.

Often, we feel our jobs are not in line with our skillsets, or the company’s goals are not in line with your intention. You seek to fill a void but you’re just not sure what that empty space in your life could be replenished with. Career coaching provides you a unique look at the networks around you and the path to getting more involved in the industries that matter to you and are in line with your intention. This ultimately is the first step to guiding yourself towards that next purposeful position.


   3. How to get ahead in your organization?

Do you get the sense that you are overlooked when it comes to career advancement? Are you uncertain about how to ask for a raise or new challenges that will align to your career trajectory?

There are sure-fire ways to gain recognition within your leadership team and place you on the fast track to success.


At EQfootprints you can start by requesting your free consultation. We can walk you through the coaching process, assessments and benefits you can leverage immediately. We focus on one key objective you set for your improvement career plan. Ultimately,  you will be able to apply the results and you will take a different shape as you progress on your plan. The coaching experience can assist you through every step of the development plan until you reach your version of success.

Still need more info to decide?

Coaching practice overview, EQ-i introduction. Concepts on how coaching changes your work life and can get you closer to your goals.
25 Min.
No fee Meeting
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