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Team Building

Are you a manager trying to rally your team’s ability to improve collaboration? Are there communication breakdowns amongst your team members when trying to solve project issues? Does your team fail to see the vision of your organization and how their work fits in the global organizational structure? Are you looking to increase your team’s development plan to the next level?

EQFootprints works with you to build the four pillars of strong team dynamics:  trust, empathy, problem solving and effective emotional expression.

Looking to improve company culture but not sure where to being? Looking to assess your talent on their soft skills and create a community of leaders? Let EQFootprints hel...
Emotional Intelligence in Business
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Pillar 1: Trust


A team can only truly work cohesively when they are in a “trust and respect” mutual relationship. There are times when events or situations arise that can shift teams and create dividing lines.

With effective team trust exercises, your team resources will realize the true intention of each of the members and establish a trust bond. In addition, a 360 or Team Assessment can be administered to ensure the areas most exposed to weakness are highlighted.  Our coaching supports the best and fastest approach to resolving those weaknesses so that your team can get back to what they do best.


Pillar 2: Empathy


Without empathy, our ability to understand the other person’s perspective, limits us to strong collaboration, builds silos and distorts the common ingredient teams rely on to succeed.

 Through the EQ-i Workplace assessment your individual team members have a 15-personality component breakdown of their emotional intelligence including Empathy. It allows for an understanding of the areas that each team member may want to work on most to improve their contribution to the team dynamics and improved outcomes.


Pillar 3: Problem Solving


Every team seeks to find ways to assess and resolve problems so they can return focus to their core responsibilities. EQFootprints provides facilitated workshops to increase team problem solving faster and with more transparent methods to get to the heart of the issues.


Pillar 4: Effective Emotional Expression


If your team is like most, you have a balance of introverts and extroverts who may work well together or might not. How do you leverage the different personalities in the team to enhance their ability to align their work styles and increase their output?

EQFootprints coaching assesses the personalities in the team and supports the best work habits, team meeting methods and collaborative styles to get the most out of your teams.

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