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Anxiety is real. It can be helped.

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

There are a number of professionals in the workforce suffering from anxiety. I would guess (without scientific proof) that it’s been this way for decades, but now we live in a society where it’s becoming more acceptable to voice our feelings without fear of judgement (hopefully trending upwards on acceptability scales).

How are organizations identifying their employees mental state and helping this burden?

First, they can assume at least 30-50% of their staff are anxious about a number of areas in their lives. Whether professionally or personally, stress has an impact on the individual’s ability to concentrate, build relationships and maintain a growth focus outlook.

Anxiety can be a hinderance to these areas and more.

Provide quiet spaces, encourage reading and meditation. I have noticed more and more public places offering these types of quiet zones and I am always impressed how quickly they fill up.

I believe that technology helps us live productively, but can also fuel addictions and unnecessary distractions.

Companies can place simple reminders that it’s important to take time away from mobile devices helps with clarity and critical brain rest.

Exercise is my personal favourite, I wish every company had onsite showers so that employees could participate in their favourite exercise near the office. Even a walk around the block is great to clear thoughts and get endorphin producing energy.

Wellness plans and healthy food options support much needed anxiety reducing natural supplements. Vegetables and fruits are nature’s basic remedy for stabilizing blood sugar levels and keeping concentration at peak performance. Think twice before providing sugary cookies and donuts at your next meeting that spike glycemic indexes and make you crash half way through the meeting. The same can be said at lunch, sandwiches are hard for the stomach to digest which brings on afternoon fatigue. If you want a productive post lunch experience stick to fresh salads, vegetables and dip and fresh sliced meats.


For more advice on how to get focused, ask a coach to support your plan to reach your best potential!

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