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Healthy Boundaries Builds Better Leaders

If you struggle to contain your workload, protect yourself and your team from challenging interpretations of operational control, unable to create strong processes for team task alignment and establish clear responsibility, matrix you might be experiencing a lack of healthy boundaries.

What are boundaries and why do they matter?

Boundaries are your personal or team’s definition of delimitation areas of control and responsibility. They also help to establish preferred communication methods and issue process handling. Boundaries inform others what you are willing to do and what you are no not willing to do in a given situation.

They matter because having clear boundaries reduces confusion in overlapping operational team function, they inform your personal limits and when someone should seek other means of support or guidance through alternative choices. They also establish rules of engagement and how you or how your team should be perceived. Boundaries support healthy measures to avoid burnout, communication overload or taxing precious time from other operating needs.

Some examples include:

· Set your priorities - Know what is important to you

· Ensure to delegate tasks

· Evaluate workload

· Plan time off to relax

· Communicate often

· Create a feedback loop

It is one of many ways in which you can increase your emotional intelligence as a leader.

How do you set boundaries?

Where do you start?

Looking to gain confidence?

Ask a coach today about how to improve your ability to set boundaries and regain precious time in your work-life. Book Now

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