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Authentic Self, Directing you to your Dreams.

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

I gave a keynote to the Women's Network Club at Intelex on the importance of Career Awareness, Self Awareness and marketing your Authentic self through online tools, personal cues and professional community initiatives.

Also covered key facts on what are the hints that alert you to know if you are tuned-in to your "self" or tuned-out and the differences in levels of self awareness.

What are the key transferable skills that an individual brings to an organization? Transferable skills can be developed and improved which is essential for becoming a leader.

Finally, we discussed the measurement of emotional intelligence, the EQ-i 2.0 assessment is an in-depth overview of the self. The data provides individuals key insights that can be a real game changer to those who are looking to propel their career and above all get closer to their passions.

Many thanks to Olga Mestnikova, Digital Marketing Manager for organizing the event and to the members of the Intelex community for their participation.

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