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The Invisible Asset in the Office


Someone close to me recently posted on their social media account,

"Finally accepting my body".

Colourful Dandilions

I was shocked to read that comment because it never occurred to me that, that person had a perception bad or good about their body image.

Motivated to support them in a positive feedback, I immediately engaged with this positive thought, "Smart is sexy. Your beauty is defined by your heart. Your exterior is a vessel that transports your beauty around the universe. The strongest human assets are the ones you can't see."

They responded positively and touched.

Emotional Intelligence is a collection of invisible assets you bring to work, school, home and on vacation.

They serve as the key to winning the trust and support of the people around you.

They can just as easily buy you more time, or steer peers away.

The critical lens to apply to a problem and the important ingredient for success.

Leveraging the right EQ and applying it correctly is the top leading resiliency factor amongst major corporations today.

How do feel about your ability to apply the right emotional intelligence in different situations?

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