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Ultimate Imposter!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people are walking around believing they are not enough.

Not smart enough.

Not rich enough.

Not good enough.

Not strong enough.

Not fast enough.

I spoke to two individuals a few weeks ago who shared pretty personal thoughts in one breath.


Karly said, “I don’t know how to make a decision”.

Mark said, “I don’t know how to choose what my heart wants”.


For an empath and a coach, those are heavy realizations to hear.

My gut pivots to encourage and provoke introspective reasoning with each of them on site. Then followed by my need to recite resourceful evidence and positive reinforcement to will them to explore those statements further.

Why have you worked so hard to get here?

Why does here not matter or is not good enough?

Stop for a minute.

Give yourself more credit.

You got here because you have strong skills, emotional intelligence and smart abilities you honed through your practice.

Don’t dismiss the work you’ve put in to get here. Even if here is not where you want to be, you are here for a good reason.

Let’s find that reason.

The words of doubt bubble up in all generations, please stop thinking it’s just the Millennials who self-doubt, it’s not.

Masquerade actor holding out a flower.

More importantly the imposter syndrome plagues every single one of us, multiple times throughout our lives.

Who planted that seed?

Not sure I can graduate.

Not sure I can find a job.

Not sure I will get that promotion.

Not sure they will want to marry me.

Not sure I will be a good Father/mother.

Not sure I managed my parents affairs well.

Not sure how to retire.

What is this ferris wheel you are on?

Get off now!

You can do whatever your heart desires. The consequences are only limiting if you let them.

Back to the subject of your practice.

Is it your passion?

Intuitively you probably already know that response.

Coaching can uncover the answer quickly and spearhead change.

Still think you can’t afford to face your dreams?

Think that they won’t understand you if you follow your heart?

What will your partner or kids think if you carve out one extra hour for you?

There is room for you in this life and all your bright ideas.

Spread out, take up more space.

You deserve it.

They will respect you.

They will learn from you.

Get past that thought that you can’t.

Get on with living until your life gets exhausted with a source of complete inner satisfaction.

Replace the churn of unfulfilled to being connected.

Too many questions?

Not enough answers?

Coaching removes the doubts to face your productive and wholesome future self.

I am the ultimate imposter, but I am also choosing to be the reality of what I can do. I own it and am crushing it.

Let’s talk about your imposter and how to get rid of it and on your personal journey to self fulfillment now.

Hands connecting two puzzle pieces.

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