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Can't - It's Not a Real Word.

If ever there was a word we need to strike from our vocabulary, it is the word "can’t".

Visualize a large room with a glass wall in the middle, on one side is the word "can’t" in big bold letters.

On the other side of the glass wall is everything else you can imagine.

I like to live on the latter side. As far as the mind can travel.

Whenever someone says “I can’t” I reply, “of course you can, just try!”

It’s simply a matter of will.

Do you want it or not?

Some people reply, “I have tried, I failed!”

If can’t implies you’ve tried and failed, how does that even define what “can’t” really means?

In fact you did succeed in attempting. You saw the beginning of triumph.

The end result was a failure, that is far from what you think is "can’t". Therefore we can simplify the following in a formula:

Will + try = success <or> failure

In case you aren’t aware, failure is a good thing.

It’s how scientific theories are proven.

Failure leads us to an outcome that requires a tweak, it’s not perfect yet, keep going and you'll get it.

If you’ve ever played a sport or needed physiotherapy you know the only way to beat failure or pain is to practice.

Visualize, attempt, train, hone. Repeat. Hundreds and thousands of times.

Turn can’t into “I can”.

You have been graced with natural ability mixed with a chosen expertise, you have what it takes to “I can” at anything.

Finally, like any athlete, when you incorporate coaching you instantly gain expertise and precision. The focused “you” will try and truly achieve greatness in a matter of time.

Purpose and commitment is at your beckon.

That’s what it takes to get up every day and be an “I can” person.

How will you lead?

Call our coach today for more insights on how to move the "I can't" out of your life.

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