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Executing Career Risk: Running Away vs. Running Towards It.

There are three things you must execute in business now!

Shadow of a runner

Do you ever feel like running away the moment you set your foot into the office?

Do you know in your gut that instead of facing your problems you are either:

  • ducking the boss

  • fleeing the crowd

  • spending hours working in the breakout room

  • sinking behind the office divider

Have you faced that fear?

Do you know what is igniting that inferiority trigger?

Have you demonstrated your value?

Have you signalled to leadership your worth by leading a significant risk or business critical mission displaying your abilities?

Instead of running away, run towards:

1) Take risks,

2) Raise your hand to lead projects,

3) Get a mentor, ask for feedback - without it you will not be as successful as you desire.

You must try in order to succeed.

You will learn when you try.

You will earn respect when you learn and teach others what you've experienced.

If you answered "no" to any of those questions above contact me.

I can help you get to your next success.

Its not as hard as you think.

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